Culinary way of St. James

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Culinary way of St. James, Ascherhütte

Hiking & enjoyment belong together like pitch and sulfur.

Exactly according to this motto, Paznaun launched the so-called culinary Way of St. James in 2008.

“Well-known local top chefs bring a breath of fresh air into the kitchens of six selected sponsor huts in Paznaun. The dishes created for the kick-off remain on the menu of the respective hut throughout the summer.” – that’s the idea behind it, according to TVB Paznaun.

On August 27, I will hike together with you to the Ascherhütte to cook for you directly on site.

I will prepare my dish specially developed for the culinary Way of St. James, Spareribs Ravioli with rolled barley and root vegetables, for you.

For all those who want to try the dish itself: